Space Projects

  • Project Code: 012 Space Traffic Management Orbital Slot Allocation for Separation Assurance
    This report examines whether orbital slot allocation can assure sufficient separation of satellites in Sun-Synchronous Orbits (SSOs) at altitudes of 270-900 [km] (Low Earth Orbit (LEO)). The purpose of such separation is the prevention of on-orbit collisions that typically form large amounts of space debris. While slot allocation is well known in aviation, it has only been proposed as a conceptual design for space application. As such, this report investigates the various design and operational aspects involved with a viable allocation scheme.
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  • Project Code: 010 Team Composition and Spacecraft Management: Lessons from Faster, Better, Cheaper
    In the 1990s a ’faster, better, cheaper’ approach was introduced at NASA. Teamwork principles have been identified in the literature as the the core of the FBC approach. Empirical investigation into the composition and effect of individual FBC teams has been limited. This paper provides an overview of successful FBC mission management criteria and provides the first quantitative analysis of FBC team experience and its relation to cost and schedule growth. More Information