Sponsored by Science and Technology Corporation (STC) in cooperation with Taksha Institute, the Science and Technology International Exchange Program (STIEP) provides to university students, under the leadership of STC Mentor, Dr. Amar Choudry, to do research as interns with co-mentors at various US government and industrial organizations, on technical and business topics related to aerospace, space, aviation, transportation, optics, etc. The tenure of their internship lasts for 4-6 months at the end of which they deliver reports, software, and papers.


In 1991, Dr. Choudry started a collaboration with STC (Science & Technology Corp.), Hampton VA, that led to the formation of STIEP to help Dutch students to intern in US every year.

Since 1993, STC has hosted over 90 Interns. As the program expanded, Interns came from other EU countries (Belgium, France, Germany etc.), Mexico, Singapore, etc.

Science and Technology Corp. (STC)

is an award-winning advanced technology business, headquartered in Hampton, VA, since 1979. It currently has a staff of nearly 450 people located in 16 sites in the USA, and one in The Netherlands. It continues to provide innovative support services to NASA, NOAA, DoD, DOT/FAA, Industry and International Organizations. (www.stcnet.com)

Taksha Institute (TI)

is a non-political, non-profit, educational and research organization headquartered in Hampton, Virginia, since 1976. (www.taksha.org)